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Expo! Expo! Offers a Varied Menu of Solutions-Based Education Sessions

Originally published by Trade Show Executive, September 2016 edition

In last month’s column I talked about the various offerings you can expect at Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition this December in Anaheim. This month, I would like to focus on the education programs we are developing because we are taking a unique and innovative approach to deliver the benefits and takeaways that the Expo! Expo! experience is all about.

Working diligently with the IAEE Education Committee, we are creating solutions-based education opportunities that attendees will be able to put to good use immediately following the show. Much of our efforts have centered on seamlessly integrating various learning methods that will not only cater to the different experience levels represented by Expo! Expo! attendees, but also engage attendees in peer-to-peer information exchange in ways that forge limitless possibilities.


It is not happenstance. For several years IAEE has been collaborating with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) to create a competency model specifically catered to the exhibitions and events industry. This project has propelled our industry in leaps and bounds in terms of helping define our role in the big business picture. We all laugh when we hear the familiar questions from industry outsiders to the effect of What exactly is it that you do? or Exhibitions and events – what does that even mean? The strides that we have made with the DOL to segregate and define competency skills is groundbreaking, and we have applied the momentum of this success to our education programming.

Much of what we are using as our guide relies on neuroscience. Yes, there is a science for everything; including how to captivate a buyer/customer/attendee so they actively stay “in the moment” of the information being presented. We have taken this scientific approach to creating mindful meetings so that our offerings are purposeful and strategic in accomplishing the goals of a particular session. For example, our “menu” of “snack vs. buffet” education offerings range from small tastes of information such as the Campfire Sessions, Guru Gatherings, Tech SwimUp and TechCenter Showcase to the deeper-diving Mega Room Keyshops and General Session Keynotes which will give attendees plenty to chew on post-Expo! Expo!

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But this is only part of the equation. We are fortunate to have an incredible resource amongst our members. Our volunteers on the Education Committee encompass decades of experience and serve as immeasurable fountains of information for the most sought-after learning opportunities. This peer-driven process affords us the advantage of implementing educational principles and standards that we know will provide maximum benefit to Expo! Expo! attendees. In essence, it is an education program customized by industry professionals for industry professionals.


This blend of outside-the-industry educational theories and methodologies, mixed with industry-insider knowledge and experience, has melded into an invigorating program we cannot wait to deliver. Not that you really need to think about all that went into it. We want you to walk into our beautifully designed learning environments and enjoy the experience of taking in the information that has been created especially for you, alongside fellow colleagues who love this business as much as you do. We have outstanding speakers and presenters who will energize your approach to how you do business. And you will be given plenty of opportunity to bounce ideas off of, and learn from, associates in the process.


Stay up to date on all the latest education offerings, as well networking activities and show floor opportunities at And register before 21 October to secure the best rates on your Expo! Expo! experience.

David DuBois, CMP, CAE, FASAE, CTA
President & CEO

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