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The Twists and Turns of Creating New Revenue through Digital Sponsorships

Digital expert Aidan Augustin steps through the ways in which the dance between organizers and suppliers can be leveraged throughout the full show cycle to increase revenue and elevate ROI through digital sponsorships.

The March of Advancing Technologies

CEIR CEO Cathy Breden explores the opportunities and risks involved with applying burgeoning AI technology to exhibitions.

AMCP pivots to virtual event in three weeks with 16x return on ad spend

In this Feathr feature, learn how the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy worked with Feathr to generate revenue and significantly impact ROI in the wake of unprecedented challenge.

5 Tips for Managing Cyber Costs in 2023

IAEE Preferred Partner Risk Strategies explains how your cyber awareness can affect your insurability.

PCRF uses Feathr to build awareness & reach younger donors

In this Feathr feature, learn how the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation worked with Feathr to reach a new audience while also raising funds.

IJM raises over $100k with digital ads in year-end campaign

In this Feathr feature, learn how the International Justice Mission worked with Feathr to raise donations through advertising campaigns.

5 Creative Solutions for Event Organizers

Expo! Expo! partner Captello shares five ways in which show organizers can engage attendees and deliver a captivating show experience.

2018 AES Annual Meeting Netted Nearly 1000 Registrations and 182x ROI

In this Feathr feature, learn how the American Epilepsy Society worked with Feathr to significantly increase attendance at its annual meeting.

Humane Society uses ads to boost donations with 1,983% ROAS

In this Feathr feature, learn how the Humane Society of North Central Florida worked with Feathr to bring in much-needed donations.

AANA generates $45k in 3 months by selling sponsored retargeting packages

In this Feathr feature, learn how the American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology worked with Feathr to implement a highly successful digital sponsorships strategy.

NLA sees return on ad spend of nearly 400% for flagship program

In this Feathr feature, learn how the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance worked with Feathr to significantly increase interest and participation in its education programs.

Informa Tech captures 31% of event attendees with Feathr

In this Feathr feature, learn how Informa Tech reached a new audience to significantly increase its event registrations.

MHI grows event attendance by 24% and reduces CPA by 20%

In this Feathr feature, learn how MHI worked with Feathr to grow event attendance by 24% and reduce cost per acquisition (CPA) by 20%.

Advocacy Matters

IAEE President and CEO David DuBois talks about Exhibitions and Conferences Alliance (ECA) Legislative Action week, and why meetings on Capitol Hill benefit our industry.

The Omnicompetent Leader

IAEE President and CEO David Dubois talks about CEIR’s Omnichannel Marketing Insights research, and the benefits it has to becoming a more effective leader.

Mapping Out Every Step of the Attendee Journey

IAEE’s recent virtual Expo! Expo! featured many of the same show elements of a face-to-face event, but presented in an engaging virtual format. Read insights from IAEE’s VP of Marketing & Communications Nicole Bowman, MBA on the planning process of an all-virtual event. Originally published by MPI.

Trade Show Alternatives That Reach Beyond the Floor

With many in-person gatherings being postponed or cancelled, many companies have found themselves looking for trade show alternatives. Gather new ideas to reach your audience virtually via 4imprint.

Thoughts on Going Virtual, Marsha Flanagan, M.Ed.

IAEE’s VP of Learning Experiences Marsha Flanagan, M.Ed. relays her thoughts on why we should embrace going virtual.