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Feel the IAEE Love! Part One: Knowledge is Our Love Language

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IAEE warms the cockles of your heart this Valentine’s Day by sharing our love for our members! Read on to learn how our commitment to providing ongoing education opportunities will make your heart skip a beat as you achieve cream of the crop status among your colleagues.

By Mary Tucker | Sr. Communications & Content Manager | IAEE

It’s Valentine’s Eve and the x’s and o’s are flying about as folks share their appreciation, and IAEE is no different! We live to serve the exhibitions and events industry, which includes providing education opportunities that keep our members at the top of their game throughout the year.

Why We’re Passionate About Professional Development (and you should be too)

It’s no secret that continuing education benefits your career. Ongoing learning allows you to stay in the know about the latest advancements in the industry. It helps keep your knowledge and skills current so you can easily adapt to a quickly evolving business landscape and remain competitive.

Not only is continuing education good for your career, but it benefits your mind and soul. Did you know that continuous learning has been linked to enhanced cognitive abilities such as improved memory, critical thinking and problem-solving skills? Challenging the brain exercises it, which improves overall brain function.

In addition, learning boosts your self-confidence as you gain new information that helps you do your job better. For example, there is instant gratification in applying what you recently learned in a webinar to a project you’re currently working on and having your boss gush about how smart you are. It’s like a high-five to your inner child, seriously.

There is also a Zen-like calm that comes with feeling that you are in control of your career path. Knowing that you are at the wheel when it comes to driving your career allows you to worry less about the destination and enjoy the ride. Life is all about the ride, after all.

IAEE’s professional development opportunities also incorporate networking opportunities, which open doors professionally and personally. This is especially powerful in this industry, where so many lasting friendships start off as business relationships. Ask any industry veteran who their closest friends are, and you will likely find less than six degrees of professional separation all over the place.

Basically, building knowledge feels good and who doesn’t like to feel good? So, let’s get to feeling good by going over the learning opportunities you can find right here with IAEE – some of which automatically come with your IAEE membership, by the way. (Assuming you love a good deal because, well, who doesn’t?)


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IAEE’s webinars cover a wide range of topics including business trends, emerging technologies and professional advancement. They take place about once a month and recordings of each webinar are available for those who cannot attend the live session. Both the live sessions and recordings are free to IAEE members and cost $49 for non-members. Find a complete listing of upcoming webinars here and enjoy recorded webinars here.

CEIR Research

Center for Exhibition Industry Research logo

Another free resource for IAEE members is access to reports published by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR). CEIR reports provide actionable and insightful perspectives to make better decisions for better events. There is a wealth of information available for your exploration on topics related to attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and general industry trends. Regardless of your specialty in the industry, there is valuable information waiting for you here.

Certification Journey

CEM Learning Program logo

The Certified in Exhibition Management® (CEM) designation is a globally recognized designation that demonstrates the highest professional standard in exhibitions and events. Today more than 3,700 active CEMs around the world make up the CEM network which serves as a leading channel for communication, ideas, thought leadership, industry recognition and promotion.

The curriculum consists of nine courses offered via on-location classrooms and online, allowing participants to tailor their certification journey to their schedules. The courses are taught by practicing industry professionals who have earned their CEM designation and deliver the kind of real-world knowledge that only comes through years of hands-on experience.

The journey starts with the Workforce Ready Assessment for professionals new to the industry through three years of experience. The CEM Certified designation is available after three years, followed by CEM-AP (Advanced Professional), CEM Fellow and CEM Emeritus. Learn more about the CEM Learning Program here.

Leadership Institute

2024 IAEE leadership institute logo

The IAEE Leadership Institute provides leaders of tomorrow with the knowledge needed to transform behaviors, create inclusive mindsets, enhance performance, develop team collaboration and build strategic relationships. Exclusively for IAEE members, this program delivers an immersive educational experience that hones one’s leadership competencies, skills and broad industry knowledge while creating a close network among participants through applied learning concepts, shared discussions and self-reflection.

Women’s Leadership Forum

2024 IAEE women's leadership forum logo

IAEE’s Women’s Leadership Forum focuses on topics that are unique to women in the exhibitions and events industry. It is tailored to all women regardless of age, individual situation or current position held within their company. Attendees gain knowledge and strategies to succeed in their current positions, as well as motivation and inspiration to take their careers to the next level. The Forum also provides tools and resources that help balance life along the way.

Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition

2024 IAEE Expo! Expo! logo

The biggest catch in IAEE education – at least by sheer volume – is Expo! Expo!, which brings it all together for the ultimate learning experience. Expo! Expo! is THE PLACE TO BE because it features multiple tracks of education that challenge and shift your mindset over the course of three days. Those working toward their CEM designation even get the opportunity to knock out several courses in one day. Activations on the Expo! Expo! show floor keep your brain’s gears moving while you explore new ideas as they relate to all the business connections you are simultaneously making. Added bonus: it’s a lot of fun.

As you can see, we love to come up with new ways for you to learn! Stay on the pulse of IAEE’s latest education and events here.

Stay tuned to upcoming blogs in the Feel the IAEE Love! series where we continue to count the ways in which we love to serve our members and learn how it can benefit YOU!

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