Category: CEM Learning Program

CEM Spotlight on Lisa Fricke, CEM

Congratulations to Lisa Fricke, CEM of BEE Content Design, Inc. on receiving her CEM!

CEM Spotlight on Jackie Gronske, CEM

Congratulations to Jackie Gronske, CEM of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) on receiving her CEM!

CEM Spotlight on Amayda Ho , CEM

Congratulations to Amayda Ho, CEM of Guangdong Shunde StarGoodShow Exhibition Services Co.,Ltd on receiving her CEM!

CEM Spotlight on Susie Evenden, CEM

Congratulations to Susie Evenden, CEM of Society of Interventional Radiology on receiving her CEM!

CEM Spotlight on Parker Swenson, CEM

Congratulations to Parker Swenson, CEM of Diversified Communications on receiving his CEM!

CEM Spotlight on Jonas Klinteberg, CEM

Congratulations to Jonas Klinteberg, CEM of MICE Industry and Special Events Inc on receiving his CEM! He is the first CEM in the Philippines.

CEM Spotlight on Maria Sidiropoulou, CEM

We love to see our CEM gamechangers take action! Congratulations to Maria Sidiropoulou, CEM of Informa Markets on receiving her CEM! Read how she was able to develop effective recommendations to support her team’s efforts in marketing, sales and operations through her learnings from the CEM Program.

CEM Spotlight on Melanie Weiner, CEM

We love to see our CEM gamechangers! Congratulations to Melanie Weiner, CEM of Informa on receiving her CEM! Read how the knowledge she gained made her more confident in speaking with her show teams.

CEM Spotlight on Samantha Torres Duran, CEM

Congratulations to Samantha Torres Duran, CEM of Informa on becoming a CEM gamechanger! Read about Samantha’s CEM journey to become a vital asset to her team.

CEM Spotlight on Lauren Oppe, CEM

Congratulations to Lauren Oppe, CEM of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) on becoming a #CEM gamechanger! Read why she chose to pursue the CEM designation to sharpen her skills as the industry evolves.