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Top 10 Criteria for an Effective Event Community

Founder and CEO of CampfireSocial, Erica Bishaf, shares her criteria for an effective community.

5 Ways to Accomplish Your Goals.

By taking the necessary steps, one can accomplish their goals.

Supporting Emotional Wellness at Work

By recognizing the signs of mental wellness at work, one can have a healthy workplace.

5 Ways to Turn Around Self-Doubt

Do you struggle with self-doubt? By finding some time to tame your inner critic, one can regain confidence.

When the Familiar Becomes Unfamiliar

Due to the pandemic, getting back to normal will never quite be the same. By putting yourself first and to plan what is best for you, one can overcome uncertainty


Back to school is here for students and for teachers. By finding some time for a personal day, one can have stress relief.

7 Steps to Finding Calm in the Chaos

Finding calm in the chaos can be a daunting task. By using certain strategies, one can minimize stress.


How often do we hire based on sight? By planning and searching one can avoid a recruiting nightmare.

How to Prepare For a Sales Call

Making a sales call can be a daunting task. Being prepared and having a plan will give you a competitive advantage.

Can You Declare Independence?

The lines of time off and work sometimes blur together. How does one have a prominent balance between the two, and how does one begin to approach other options?