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 Barbara Rozgonyi publishes, an award-winning blog about how to attract attention, build business and captivate communities. Barbara co-founded Social Media Club Chicago, leads CoryWest Media, and is an international speaker who loves motivating people and companies to transform marketing via her signature 4D storytelling and WIRED PR strategy systems. Get in touch via or @wiredPRworks on Twitter.


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True or False: Social media is a bottomless sinkhole where time disappears and nothing productive ever happens. Depending on the day, the answer could be true or false. Here are five ways to manage your social media time to make it more enjoyable, productive and profitable for you and your followers.

5 Tools to Transform Social Media into a Lead Generator

1. Be Choosey

Know who you want to talk to – and why.
After friends and family for fun, prioritize who it’s important to reach for business. Are you…

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