by Nancy Drapeau, PRC, Senior Research Director, CEIR

Ok, I’m putting my stake in the ground, I’m saying it: face-to-face marketing is alive and well. CEIR research does not find cracks in the power of face-to-face marketing. If anything, the rise of digital has offered tremendous opportunity for face-to-face marketing settings, trade shows in particular, to survive and thrive in the digital age. Temporary market places that deliver the right mix of buyers and sellers that fulfill the objectives for participating on both sides of the equation (attendees and exhibitors) are poised to do well. Those that get lazy, assume they know their audiences and fall into the ‘same old’ rut and do not experiment with integrating digital into the experience; well, they are poised to have their lunch eaten.

My assertion is not based on emotion, but on a bedrock of CEIR research findings. CEIR offers different reports that…

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Posted by Elizabeth McQuade

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