Originally published in Trade Show Executive, June 2015 Issue

Like most of us in this industry, I travel – a lot. And I talk to a lot of people. In order to promote the importance and growth of our industry, it is imperative that I hear what my colleagues have to say, and hear it often.

One of the best benefits of being out in the front lines is the opportunity to hear firsthand reports about how exhibitions and events are thriving from the people who are making it happen. Sometimes these reports come from industry veterans and good friends that I have had the privilege of working with for over four decades. I also get to hear from newcomers to the industry, full of great ideas that infuse fresh energy and enthusiasm to the greater cause.

Whether I am talking to today’s or tomorrow’s industry leaders, I can’t help but notice that this industry attracts overachievers. It is a point of pride among us – that we are a hard working and dedicated group. This brings to mind the importance of taking the time to stop and recognize the outstanding work we are constantly surrounded by. So, why is this so significant?

Recognition motivates people to give back to their community. When I think of one our industry greats, Bob Dallmeyer, the first word that comes to mind is “mentor.” Bob’s invaluable experience lives on through so many of us who had the pleasure of absorbing the wealth of information he so generously shared. Bob was a recipient of many IAEE awards, and today we have the IAEE Bob Dallmeyer Education Fund and Educator of the Year Award, which was named in his honor.

Bob was just one of many treasures we have within the industry. Of course, these leaders do not do it for the awards; they do it for the love of the industry. But by recognizing the outstanding contributions that so many of our colleagues make, we extend an invitation to share knowledge and thereby elevate us all to a higher level of success.

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Acknowledgement is always appreciated. This industry is full of movers and shakers, we are a fast-paced crowd! Which is why IAEE’s individual awards program is held every year and covers the gamut of levels of experience and job functions. This year’s Rookie or Young Professional of the Year may very well receive the IAEE Pinnacle Award in 20 years. Why wait to give recognition where recognition is due?

That dedicated chapter member that you know you can always count on… the educator who helped you earn your CEM badge of honor… the industry leader who consistently inspires you… the devoted committee volunteer… the business solution that blew your mind! There is an IAEE award category for them all.

Appreciation promotes networking and unity. This may sound funny for an industry that seems to do nothing but “network,” however connecting with our peers is at the heart of networking. And nothing connects us more than peer-to-peer appreciation of great work by those who go above and beyond the call of duty. This is no small feat; these accolades solidify our singular networks, broaden our scope as an industry and strengthen our voice among the global business marketplace. It is an ongoing process that must be nurtured from within and industry recognition feeds this process.

We are part of a vibrant industry comprised of accomplished members committed to excellence, a quality I am proud to say I see in abundance as I travel and engage with my colleagues. I encourage you to take a moment and recognize one or more of your colleagues this year by nominating him or her for an IAEE award at www.iaee.com/awards.

David DuBois, CMP, CAE, FASAE, CTA
President and CEO

Posted by Elizabeth McQuade

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