Dana Kirkhart, CEM, Director, Client Solutions of Freeman

Hometown: Seguin. TX
How long have you been an IAEE member? 15 years
IAEE Chapter: Central Texas

How did you start your career in this industry?

Before I started in this industry, I worked in the restaurant industry. I wanted to make a change to an “office job” so I called my aunt and asked her to keep me in mind if she heard of any office jobs. One day, she called and there was a position for an admin assistant at the Texas Restaurant Association. The rest is history.

How has IAEE shaped your career?

IAEE has allowed me to network with so many industry colleagues that I wouldn’t normally cross paths with. I have been able to learn from their knowledge and experience. I also credit IAEE for helping me open the door to new career opportunities. It was due to networking at a social function that opened the door to furthering my career.

What advice would you give to a new member?

Dive in and be a part of anything you can. Learn and engage. You will always leave learning something new

What do you like most about your chapter?

What I really like most about the chapter is the people. The people are so kind and willing to help and learn.

What community service projects do you like to be involved in? Why?

I really enjoy volunteering at Marbridge. It is a home for adults with cognitive disabilities.

Posted by Jannat Choudhury

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