Earning the CEM designation is a game changer! IAEE interviewed graduate Zarina Othman, CEM of MCI Group Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. Read her journey on earning the CEM designation and why she became CEM game changer!

Hometown: Singapore

University of Education: National University of Singapore

How has the CEM designation helped in your career? 

Completing the CEM program was an affirmation to my management that I was keen to grow and enhance my knowledge of exhibition management. It has also given me more confidence in managing my clients better.

Education First_Designation Second

Why is it important to maintain the CEM designation?

I believe the CEM designation has provided additional credibility in my work and my ability to manage large exhibitions on behalf of my clients.

What made you want to obtain your CEM designation?

I really wanted to deep dive into exhibition management and be recognized as one who is accredited in this field.


What advice would you give to an aspiring individual who wants to apply for the CEM program?

It is a good program to learn from industry experts, share experiences and learn from your peers.

How did you start your career in this industry?

I entered the industry when I started working in venue sales for a large exhibition and convention centre in Singapore.

How have you made a difference with your show or with working with a client by applying the knowledge you gained by obtaining your CEM designation?

I am able to plan and strategize in a more methodological way.

What was it that you did or implemented right after obtaining your CEM?

I realized that we did not have a comprehensive crisis management plan and this was one of the first things that I implemented for our events.

What did you like most about the CEM Learning Program?

I loved learning and hearing from my peers about the challenges they have operating in their respective positions. It was great to network and meet other industry professionals.

Fun fact about you – What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

Even though I have been in the events industry my whole career (13 years now), I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Science in Biology!

game changer

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