Excerpted with permission from Francis Friedman’s The Modern Digital Tradeshow. The new book is available here free. 

Looking to the future, marketers have already started spending significant amounts of money implementing increasingly more sophisticated systems. These systems include:

•  The ability to track customer and prospect behavior across all media
•  Real-time advanced data collection and analysis
•  Predictive marketing technology and data analytics
•  In-line, real time, market research techniques
•  Video based marketing communication techniques / technologies
•  Automated marketing systems to target, engage and personalize a direct-sell message to customers in real time
•  Artificial intelligence (AI) driven “smart systems” to drive customer interaction
•  Artificial intelligence managed “bots” (e.g. speechbots) that automate marketing functions
•  The ability to collect data and measure results as well as assess potential marketing and media alternatives

Large exhibitors have already started completely digitizing the entire customer relations and product sales processes…

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Posted by Elizabeth McQuade

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