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IAEE Art of the Show Competition Winners Circle Spotlight FreemanXP: 2015 Best of Show Winner

FreemanXP took last year’s Best of Show prize in the IAEE Art of the Show Competition, as well as winning the Signage/Decoration: Over 200,001 nsf category for its Autodesk 2014 entry. Here, FreemanXP discusses how it met its mission to enhance attendee engagement through the creation of its Autodesk 2014 solution.

“Winning Best of Show for Autodesk University’s design in IAEE’s Art of the Show is a tremendous honor for FreemanXP,” said John Santangelo, the designer of Autodesk University. “Not merely for the fact that our tireless efforts to elevate the impact and effectiveness of our clients’ event presence were officially recognized by a respected organization, but also because the exposure gained from this award is also helping to solidify Freeman’s stance as a world-class provider of face-to-face marketing and as creative thought leader in the industry.”


Autodesk is a leader in 3-D design software for architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and more. For people serious about creating, the annual Autodesk University event is an opportunity to train on Autodesk software, learn about industry trends, and share knowledge with peers. But could FreemanXP create even deeper attendee engagement?


As we sought innovative ways to build connections with the brand while also adding an important touch of drama, we drew significant inspiration from the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco. This stunning collection brings together stories from across the globe that highlight how exceptional design—aided by Autodesk technology – shapes the world around us, from the buildings we live and work in to the machines that propel us forward and the products that enrich our lives.

With this vision in mind, and through close collaboration with the client and a preferred vendor whose products are 100 percent sustainable, we applied a scalable, user-centric and evidence-based design methodology to create an event environment filled with surprise and delight.

2016.07.19 FreemanXP Experience

A crucial standout area was named “Central Park.” Heroically beautiful fabric structures created with an origami-inspired vibe led to unique, intimate spaces that showcased incredible examples of how Autodesk software is helping to change the world … exemplifying the possibilities of what dreams can do.


With so much to engage them, attendees spent significantly more time on the show floor conversing with peers, vendors, and subject matter experts – which thrilled our client. What’s more, the event captured the essence of the Autodesk brand so well that, although the Central Park structures were intended to be rented, Autodesk asked to purchase them to bring additional brand consistency to its other events!

2016.07.19 FreemanXP Connections

Click here to view FreemanXP’s complete Autodesk presentation, and gather your marketing materials for the IAEE Art of the Show Competition which is now open! Think you have what it takes to be a part of the IAEE Art of the Show Competition Winners Circle? There are 15 categories addressing marketing activities directly related to successfully organizing and executing an exhibition and/or event. Read all about them here and start gathering your entries today! The deadline to submit your Art of the Show is 30 September 2016.

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