By Megan Miglautsch, Latin America Marketing Manager, Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM)

Last year was my first time going to Expo! Expo!. I didn’t know anyone outside of my fellow co-workers at the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). I was relieved to find that there were networking events for first timers, people in my chapter, and young professionals. People were open, friendly, and made an effort to include and introduce others, so I quickly made connections.

IAEE Chapter Receptions will be held 1 December 5:00pm – 7:00pm
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The year prior, AEM had decided to launch a construction equipment show in Latin America. So, while I had been working in the market as a part of our Global Business Development department for a few years, I was very new to my role as the Marketing Manager. Our Chief Marketing Director, Nicole Hallada, suggested that I take a look at some of the education sessions offered at Expo! Expo! and it turned out there were a couple of courses that were very applicable to my new position.

The most impactful sessions for me were the international ones. I specifically remember one panel that talked about how important it was to not only translate the message into the local language, but also culturally adapt it. They gave concrete examples of what that meant in different markets for event marketing. That session taught me so much and gave me key insights as I took on the challenges of marketing a new event in a different culture and foreign languages this past year. I continue to apply knowledge I learned at Expo! Expo! to our international marketing plans for all of AEM’s tradeshows.

All of my superiors also attended Expo! Expo! and we walked the show floor together to talk with current and potential vendors. We do a lot of business with the exhibitors there, and it was a great way to get a quality introduction to people and their products or services. We also were able to learn a lot about different technologies and programs to make our office more efficient. I particularly found the quick overview sessions at the tech bar to be very helpful and we have incorporated some of those programs we learned about at Expo! Expo! into our operations at AEM.

Start planning your tradeshow floor visit and don’t forget to stop by the new Technology Startup Pavilion!

Our Vice President of Exhibitions, Megan Tanel, also encouraged me to get involved with IAEE because I was attending the Expo. That was an excellent decision for me because it provided the opportunity to learn from my peers and be a part of the industry at large through the Young Professionals Committee. Now, as I head back to Expo! Expo! again this year, I have a network that I can bounce ideas off of and ask for recommendations. I consider it an important place to learn from the experience of the industry veterans.

Expo! Expo! and IAEE are great resources to find answers to questions, educate myself, and make connections.


Please remember that all show organizers, regardless of IAEE membership status, may attend the Expo! Expo! trade show for free. REGISTER NOW!

Posted by Elizabeth McQuade

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