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Safety and Security at Trade Shows – What IAEE is Doing.

In the past few months, terrorism has taken a significant toll upon our society. For the exhibitions and events industry, the safety of our attendees and event staff is our highest priority as evidenced by the many members who employ a variety of security measures at each event. But in light of recent terror attacks around the world, it is now time to proactively strengthen our security by setting a national standard that will provide safeguards for the safety and security of our attendees and the preparedness of our industry.

In an effort to create this benchmark, the International Association of Exhibitions and Events TM (IAEE) and the Exhibition Services and Contractors Association (ESCA) have recently announced they will work together to provide industry-wide standards for event security to the Safety Act Office of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Facilitated by Keyway, who has gathered a strong team of career law enforcement officials, this initiative will bring convention centers, show organizers, event planners and service providers together to share best practices and establish a national standard of security for the entire industry.

The individual security efforts currently employed around the country have supported exhibitions and events for years, however our industry is always focused on improvement and preparedness. Our next step should be to outline a national security benchmark that will enable convention centers and other event venues to continue making security a top priority. Additionally, show organizers and event planners will be able to use the benchmark as a factor when examining venues that best align with the security needs of their events and meetings.

There is no way to predict where or when an attack will occur. But if we combine our resources and knowledge to create a national standard, it will ensure that our industry is constantly assessing and implementing the latest security protocols and procedures to ensure the safety of our attendees and staff.

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