Sustain Your Brand with Eco-friendly Promotional Products

Going green can help you make green. Surveys show 65 percent of people consider themselves at least somewhat environmentally conscious, and 64 percent say they are more likely to purchase from companies that make products that are recyclable or are made from recycled materials.Using eco-friendly giveaways can have a positive impact on your organization. In fact, 42 percent of people say receiving a green promotional product gives them a more favorable view of the advertiser. If you’re ready to highlight the green in your brand, use (and reuse) these ideas!

Find the “write” environmentally conscious business gifts.

Paper is the most commonly recycled product, making up about half of the recycled material in the U.S. each year. Notebooks and journals are a good place to find recycled paper and paperboard.

The Eco Design Recycled Color Spine Spiral Notebook is an easy way to highlight your commitment to the environment. The covers and pages are made from 100 percent recycled material.

Or, take your brand’s sustainability pledge a bit further with the Dew Drops Recycled Jr. Notebook & Pen. The covers and pages contain recycled material, and so does the matching pen!

You’ll also find recycled paper in the Vicenza Bound Journal Book, plus a cover made of 100 percent recycled cardboard and leather. Yes, recycled leather!

Beverages are better with reusable drinkware.

A Freedonia Group report finds U.S. demand for post-consumer, recycled-plastic grew by 6.5 percent in 2016. Eco-friendly promotional bottles and tumblers are among the growing number of recycled plastic products gaining popularity.

For example, the Insulated Auto Mug contains 30 percent recycled materials, giving your customers a way to take hot beverages on the go while helping the Earth.

The Bike Bottle helps them stay hydrated, and it is environmentally friendly. The BPA-free bottle is made with 95 percent recycled content and it’s recyclable.

Recycled bags are green to go.

Eco-friendly promotional products are getting creative, thanks to new designs and technology. The modern (and durable) Alchemy Goods Haversack Messenger is a perfect example. It’s made of 73 percent upcycled materials. The bag is constructed using inner tubes and the shoulder strap is made from automobile seatbelts.

The Tempo Sling Bag is another example. This high-style giveaway is made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled PET plastic.

The Recycled Cotton Messenger bag gives a new look to the traditional cotton tote and is made from 85 percent recycled cotton.

Apparel can be sustainable, too

Because customers view eco-friendly promotional products so favorably, the range of products available is expanding. In addition to water bottles, travel tumblers and reusable totes, eco-friendly promotional clothing is becoming more common.

Outfit your team in the Charge Recycled Polyester Performance Shirt. This comfortable, business-appropriate shirt has moisture-wicking properties and is made of a combination of recycled polyester and mechanical stretch polyester. It’s available in both men’s and ladies’ styles.

Or, give clients an eco-friendly logo’d shirt like the Recycled Polyester Performance Pique Polo. Available in a variety of colors, this polo features UV-protection and moisture-wicking comfort. Best of all, it’s made from recycled polyester and polyester pique.

Choose eco-friendly promotional products for a sustainable advantage.

No matter which eco-friendly promotional products you choose, your customers will appreciate your thoughtfulness and know you’re doing your part to help the environment.

Staffing Strategies for your Next Trade Show

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Days on the trade show floor can be long and tiring, and the monotony can cause some booth staffers to lose momentum and become disengaged. You’re likely no stranger to the correlation between employee engagement and your bottom line, especially when it comes to trade shows, but did you know increased employee engagement could mean mean 2.5 times more revenue?

If that sort of increase appeals to you—and we think it will—keep reading. This article will offer ideas on staffing strategies to keep your booth team alert, engaged and ready for action.

  • Set goals: Setting goals and clarifying expectations help booth staff know what is expected of them. Outline the number of interactions, qualified sales leads and follow-up appointments they are expected to make. And consider rewarding those who meet or exceed these expectations. A swanky writing set or logo’d desk caddy is a nice way to recognize a job well done.

writing set

  • Use mobile devices for good: Mobile devices make great trade-show tools—when their powers are used for good. Encourage staffers to engage with attendees using lead generation apps, product demo videos and other relevant features. On the flip side, prohibit device use for personal tasks, such as texting or social media (unless the posts are about the show). After all, staff members engaged with their smartphones are likely not engaging with your guests.
  • Prevent burnout: Offering frequent breaks or the opportunity to work in shifts can keep staffers alert and on their toes. Also, maintaining adequate blood-sugar levels and staying hydrated can boost energy levels and moods. Consider giveaways, such as Bottled Water and trail mix, that will help prevent fatigue for booth staffers and visitors alike.

bottled water

  • Provide interactive games: Interactive games or activities keep staffers (and guests) entertained and engaged. Consider a card game, like poker or black jack. Reward winners with a discount coupon or deck of cards. Prize Drops and Prize Wheels are fun, interactive games that also keep your staffers on their A-game.

price wheel

We hope we’ve provided a few ideas for staffing strategies to keep your trade show team alert and engaged. Give one or more a try at your next event—your bottom line is sure to notice the difference!

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Source: Staffing strategies for your next trade show