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Oxford Economics examines the economic performance of the top 10 cities across the world based on its most recent Global Cities Index.

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IAEE Chairperson Marie Browne explores the advantages gained by executive leaders who strengthen their teams through an environment rich in diversity, equity and inclusion.
It hasn’t taken long for Innovative Business Solution Award Winner Tony Rissley to make a name for himself in the industry by helping organizations raise the bar on their fundraising efforts. In this interview, he talks about how the industry discovered and embraced his company, Expo Auctions.
Brittani Mathis and Lindsay Hubley share strategies they apply to their consumer events – SXSW and Overland Expo, respectively – to create experiences that captivate attendees and keep their shows on the cutting edge year over year.
IAEE Community Engagement and Belonging Committee Member Derek Lotfi shares his views on how creating a welcoming and engaging environment for all members of the industry goes a long way in attracting new talent.
As the industry continues its steady course to full recovery, event marketers are mixing tried-and-true methods with the latest technologies in their attendee acquisition strategies to boost event performance.
As a fervent advocate of continuing education, Donna Johnson has dedicated her service to helping industry professionals further their knowledge. Read on to learn how the Bob Dallmeyer Educator of the Year Award winner inspires others to engage in growing their careers.
IAEE Community Engagement and Belonging Committee Member Julie Pazina fervently champions exhibitions and events, whether by speaking to students about building a fruitful and enjoyable career in the industry or advocating on behalf of the industry as a State Senator.
Pride Month offers the perfect opportunity to celebrate members of the exhibitions and events industry who promote diversity, equity and inclusion. Here, Toronto’s Exhibition Place shares its commitment to providing a welcoming space for event planners and attendees.
IAEE Chairperson Marie Browne stresses the importance of participating in industry advocacy throughout the year.
CEIR VP of Research Nancy Drapeau examines the latest industry forecast published in the 2024 CEIR Index Report and discussed in CEIR’s recent webinar with Tourism Economics President Adam Sacks.
After nearly 30 years of involvement with IAEE, Southeastern Chapter Chair Yalonde Tanner is a beloved member of the industry whose commitment has made a profound impact on her chapter. In this interview, the Chapter Merit Award winner shares what inspires her to bolster her chapter’s success year after year.
Today’s most successful leaders are incorporating a deeper level of self-awareness that helps them stand above the crowd, which participants will gain at this year’s IAEE Leadership Institute. Read on to learn about these skills and how you can apply them to your leadership journey.

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