Movie Theaters as B2B Event Venues: The Next Big Thing?

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by Trisha Richards Meetings are to exhibitions as cheeses are to wines: complementary stimuli that enhance the participant experience. With countless exhibitions incorporating education and entertainment as part of the proceedings, exhibition organizers must also consider meeting venues…

Recent Facebook Changes Mean More Opportunities for Event Marketers

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by Elizabeth Johnson Facebook now has 2 billion users, which means it’s a pretty powerful tool for event marketers. In recent weeks Facebook has been busy making changes to a…

Is the Events Industry Disruption-Resistant?

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by Michael Hart The shopping center industry is the latest disrupted business model that events can learn from. According to a research report from Credit Suisse, 25 percent of today’s…

Autonomous Vehicles @ Events

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by Scott Schenker The relationship we have with our cars is the stuff of legend. In fact, Sir William Lyons, one of the founders of Jaguar Cars, said, “The car is…

Maximizing the Value Attendees Get From Your Event

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by Don Peppers As a business author and professional speaker “living mouth to hand” (as Winston Churchill once described the speaking circuit), over the last 20 years I’ve made presentations…

Why Are Trade Shows Rarely Talked About at B2B Marketing Events? Why It’s a Problem and What to Do About It.

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by Gary Slack For seven years, from 2009 to 2015, I organized and ran the world’s largest annual business-to-business marketing conference. Sponsored by the Business Marketing Association, the conference in…

F2F: The Killer App in B2B

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by Ruth Stevens I was teaching B2B digital marketing in Buenos Aires recently, and found some of my students to be dismayed by one data point that came up again…

Association Organizer, What If Your Attendees Stopped Coming?

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by Bob James and Michael Hatch Brick-and-mortar chain store owners everywhere are sweating “the retail apocalypse.” Traffic is abysmal. Sales have tanked. Stores are vanishing (over 8,600 are predicted to…

Art of the Show Competition Winners Circle: Convention Center Promotion

The IAEE Art of the Show Competition’s Convention Center Promotion category evaluates promotion of a convention center using any marketing channel. Judges take into consideration all marketing components used and how effectively they correlate as […]

Boring Exhibitor Sales Brochures

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by Jim Curry I am neck deep in exhibitor sales brochures at the moment. That involves reading endless exhibition statistics, questionable exhibitor testimonials, and vomit-inducing openers from organizers. It is a…