B2B Exhibitions – Valued by Business Professional Attendees in Trust Challenged Times

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By Nancy Drapeau, PRC, Vice President of Research, CEIR Access to information has never been easier. Keying a few words into Google search generates a mountain of information. Activating a…

CEIR’s Event Performance Analyzer

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By Betsy Jacoby-Greenleaf, Owner, Jacoby Expo There are certain tools that every Show Manager should have at their disposal to simplify tasks. From organizational apps to coffee (never underrated), these…

Wi-Fi 6 vs 5G: What Does It All Mean for the Convention Industry?

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Originally published by Smart City Insights What does the upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 and 5G mean, what will each of them do, and how will each impact the convention industry?…

Instagram: 2019’s ‘IT’ Social Media Tool for Event Marketing

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By Elizabeth Johnson, Principal and Owner, glee Content Marketing While Facebook has dominated the headlines most of the year with one crisis after another, its sister social media site, Instagram…

You Can’t Have Too Much Event Intel

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By: Wendy Holliday, Executive Director, PLM World Your IAEE membership comes with access to CEIR (Center for Exhibition Industry Research).  And, if you’re not accessing this fantastic free service –…

Did you Learn about Trade Show Marketing in College?

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By Larry Kulchawik, author, Larry Kulchawik Consulting I can’t tell you how many times I have cited the CLC (Convention Liaison Council) study, conducted by Deloitte & Touche in 1995,…

Fun Trade Show Games Ideas with Your Logo to Play in Your Booth

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By Samuel J. Smith, Managing Director and Owner, Interactive Meeting Technology, LLC Trade show games are a proven, yet dramatically underused activity to get more potential customers into your booth.  After hundreds…

A is for Advocacy

Originally published by Trade Show Executive, March 2018 Edition Advocacy is something I focus on quite a bit and I am proud of the significant amount of headway we, as an industry, have made over […]

The Great Reinvention

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By Cathy Breden, CAE, CMP There has been so much talk over the last couple of years about how technology and consumer behavior is changing the trade show model. In…

3 Challenges Women Face In Advancing Their Event Tech Careers

Originally published 9 October 2017 by Michelle Wyatt, CEO & Co-Founder, CadmiumCD Background The recent controversy at Google underscores a persistent problem in the technology sector: Women remain significantly underrepresented at all levels. The results […]