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Why AV in Event Planning is Priority Over Food Service

When planning your event, prioritize AV support in the beginning and you’ll increase the likelihood of dishing up an event that satisfies all attendees’ appetites. Read this week’s blog post brought to you by MPI.

4 Ways to Build Anticipation for Your Next Event

Hype up your event using these 4 strategies from Ryan Gould of Elevation Marketing. Special section brought to you by MPI. CEIR Blog A strategic marketing and branding expert, Ryan helps Elevation’s clients solve their […]

Tips to Help Potential Attendees Justify Coming to Your Meeting

Follow these tips from Jennifer Juergens on how to get potential attendees to come to your event. This section is brought to you by MPI. CEIR Blog Jennifer Juergens has been writing about the meeting, […]

How Distinct Are You on the Trade Show Floor?

How do you get your booth to stand out from the sea of booths at trade shows? Marlys Arnold has the answers in this CEIR blog. CEIR Blog With experiences as both an exhibitor and […]

Nourish Yourself and Your Events Through Mindfulness

In an industry where you focus on hospitality and taking care of others, you need to take care of yourself first. CEIR Blog Lee Papa is an internationally recognized and award-winning mindfulness and meditation speaker […]

Making Event Tech More Accessible for Attendees with Disabilities

While resources for planning accessible events exist, they often overlook one important area: technology. Michael Doane of CadmiumCD shares the ways you can incorporate event technology in making a more accessible event for your attendees […]

9 Strategies for Last-minute Event Planning

We all know the struggle of planning an event, but planning an event last-minute may be our worst nightmare. Ann Thornley-Brown of Executive Oasis shares how you can manage last-minute event planning like a pro. […]

8 Ways Events Build Winning Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Thinking of utilizing influencer marketing? Elizabeth Johnson of glee Content Marketing shares the 8 do’s and don’ts of influencer marketing to make your marketing campaign successful. CEIR Blog By Elizabeth Johnson, Principal and Owner, glee […]

7 Reasons to Host Trade Show Promotional Activities

Guest author, @samueljsmith of @IMTSocialPoint shares the 7 reasons why trade show promotional activities are worth the effort. CEIR Blog By Samuel J. Smith, Managing Director of Interactive Meeting Technology, LLC With all the logistics […]

B2B Exhibitions – Valued by Business Professional Attendees in Trust Challenged Times

Why is it that professionals that attend B2B exhibitions or trade shows rank the value of B2B exhibitions as number one, compared to other primary information sources used? Find out from this post by Nancy […]