Month: April 2023

Embrace Social Responsibility

IAEE President and CEO David DuBois shares the importance of IAEE’s four main focus points on social responsibility.

Old School Marketing + New Tech = Today’s Attendee Acquisition Strategies

CEIR’s latest findings reveal that the secret formula to attendee acquisition involves highly evolved customer insight, bullseye targeted messaging and staying on top of your omnichannel marketing mix.

IAEE Spotlight on 2022 IAEE Volunteer of the Year Award Winner Bob Hancock

Bob Hancock is a true Southern gent with a love for the industry that fuels his passion for giving back. Read how this long-time IAEE member cultivates the fresh perspective and sunny disposition that inspired his colleagues to name him the 2022 IAEE Volunteer of the Year.

Build a Stronger Team with Hard Conversations

Past IAEE Women’s Leadership Forum presenter Alyson Van Hooser offers tips on how teams can use tough conversations to connect, engage and thrive.

Valuing Your Stage

Joy Davis, CAE with the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists examines the ethical considerations involved in selecting speakers at events and the importance of keeping attendees’ needs first and foremost when determining presenters.

IAEE Spotlight on 2022 IAEE Chapter Merit Award Winner Tara Allen, CEM

There’s a reason why the Chapter Merit Award is Tara Allen’s second IAEE accolade in less than 5 years. Read on to see how this mover and shaker helps the DFW Chapter shine, and insights into how she finds motivation and inspiration.

Your Most Important Power Skill

Orange Leaf Consulting shares how power skills give you the advantage in negotiations and making decisions.