Hometown: Alexandria, VA
University of Education: University of Florida, College of Journalism & Communications
IAEE Chapter: IAEE D.C. Chapter

As a new member of IAEE what do you hope to gain from your membership?

I hope to find new business for AH, meet new professional connections and increase my education.

How will you utilize your IAEE membership to the fullest?

I will get involved with my local Chapter. I also will utilize IAEE webinars, MemberLink Open Forum and CEIR.

What are you most looking forward to with your new membership?

I am looking forward to meeting IAEE members and learning. And I want to attend local events and experience all that the Washington, D.C. Chapter has to offer.

What interested you the most about IAEE member benefits?

Networking and Education. Also, I had heard from my peers that the DC Chapter is very strong.

What is the first thing you did as a new member?

I registered and went to EXPO! EXPO! 2021 in Philly! It was the first in-person event I had been to since Covid started and the attendance was strong, just as IAEE had promised.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself.

To support the launch of the all new Ford Ranger, as a Regional Marketing Manager, I arranged for the Power Rangers Action Heroes to appear at the Chicago Auto Show for my FDAF (Chicagoland Ford Dealers) client. The two weekends we had the Power Rangers characters at the event in McCormick Place, we had a huge increase in attendance inside the Ford exhibit space, which helped bring more families to see new Ford products and also Saban Entertainment to promote their upcoming Power Rangers movie.

Posted by Editorial Staff

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