By: Brian Scott, President and Chief Information Officer, ClearTone Consulting, LLC

I have a confession that I’ll share in confidence. I think that corporate buzzword bingo may have been one of the best inventions ever. I won’t tell you if I’ve ever played it during an actual meeting, leaving that to your imagination, but know even if I wasn’t actively competing against a co-worker, I was certainly playing the solitaire version in my head. The hubbub that is generated around the buzzword de jour has always fascinated me because, in so many cases, the concepts represented by the new popular moniker are exactly the same as the previous, but now archaic, buzzword.

For the last several years, and more recently at a fever pitch within the events industry, Digital Transformation (DT) has been the neon beacon shining bright from the headlines. Full disclosure: as I provide consultation services around DT…

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