How do you expect to ride out this COVID wave? Read the previously posted and informative CEIR blog on, “Considerations for Riding the COVID-19 Wave and Avoiding a Wipe Out.”


By: Nancy Drapeau, PRC, VP of Research, CEIR

It is an understatement that COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on our industry. As recently published, according to CEIR Q2 Index results, nearly 100% of trade shows from April through June did not happen. They either were postponed to another month in 2020, pushed out to 2021 or later or just canceled. The CEIR June Pulse Poll results tell this story.

Though the situation is dire, organizers are not staying still. They are taking actions to serve their communities as best as they can in the midst of this historic health crisis. I liken these efforts to doing one’s best to ride the COVID-19 tidal wave to get to the shore unharmed where an effective treatment is in place. Once the health crisis is resolved, face-to-face (F2F) events will come back.

Doing a Digital Curve Turn While Waiting for Live Events to…

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