How important are online tradeshow communities? Read the write-up on a previously held #CEIR webinar, “How Tradeshows Can Use Online Communities to Be More Effective.”


Events provide valuable face-to-face marketing and networking, but we all know the connections made at tradeshows don’t always turn into long-term opportunities. New contacts aren’t always contacted in a timely manner, sales fall through, and we forget about the event until next year.

Those are missed opportunities for everyone involved.

You need to make your events last when the live portion ends, which is where digital tools like online communities can step in. A healthy and dynamic online community can extend the impact of your event, making it easier to reach people and bring value to your audience.

Here are four ways you can use an online community to enhance tradeshows and other event experiences.

Advertise to relevant audiences.

Even established tradeshows can benefit from additional attendance, so supplement traditional event advertisements with digital tools in your online community. For instance, you could add banner advertisements to your homepage, do…

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