By: Mary Tucker, Sr. PR/Communications Manager

Lee Knox, CEM is an Operations Manager in the trade show industry with ExpoMarkit Media Group, responsible for delivering trade show marketing and advertising for thousands of exhibitors across the United States.

As a seasoned professional with more than 25 years in the industry, Lee is known for taking on challenges throughout the processes and delivering of powerful advertising at show sites and creating successful results for clients. Before his current position, Lee was the Vice President of Operations for American Exhibition Services. He started at the entry level position, right out of college, and found his path through management to become an executive.

Lee holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from The University of Alabama in Birmingham and has earned his CEM designation in 2007. He enjoys spending summers at the lake with friends, hosting cookouts and also can be found sailing the seas.

Here, Lee shares with IAEE his vision for advancing diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) within the exhibitions and events industry.

IAEE: What inspired you to serve on the IAEE Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee?

Lee: I have felt strong inclusion at IAEE and the industry. Bob Dallmeyer took me under his wing and made me feel very welcome in the trade show world. He was a great mentor and maybe by being a party of DE&I, I can help others.

IAEE: What has been your experience/observations with how the industry addresses DE&I?

Lee: I think the industry is doing a good job addressing DE&I. There is always room for improvement in our work situations.

IAEE: What overall advances would you like to see in the industry regarding DE&I?

Lee: Maybe more DE&I people on company boards.

IAEE: How do you think that companies can help advance DE&I?

Lee: When executives are searching out talent for board member appointments and other top positions, be mindful of each person’s qualifications and if one falls in the DE&I group consider them to help give balance in your organization.

IAEE: What suggestions do you have for individuals who would like to learn more about and/or help increase awareness and advances in DE&I within the industry?

Lee: Form focus groups inside companies and just be aware of the talents within. If DE&I people have the knowledge/abilities as others, then they should get consideration for executive and board positions.

IAEE’s goal is to engage as many members as possible who are willing share their experience to our community on the importance of DE&I. If you have a story to tell, please email Karen Gonzales, CMP, and we will spotlight your experience.

Posted by Editorial Staff

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