By: Nancy Drapeau, PRC, VP of Research and Analyses by Dr. Allen Shaw, Economist, CEIR

On 27th January, CEIR held a webinar that gave an update on how the U.S. B2B exhibition industry and U.S. economy are expected to fare this year as well as the forecast through 2022.

This blog provides a visual, summarizing the most likely forecast for U.S. GDP and the CEIR Total Index. This is the base case scenario, where Dr. Shaw estimates the probability that this scenario will happen is 65%. Better than even odds. Interested readers who want to see the other possible scenario outcomes are encouraged to download the webinar deck. Dr. Shaw notes the best-case scenario has a 20% chance of happening, whereas the worst-case scenario probability is 5%. The four- scenario table is on page 42 of the webinar deck.

Today’s business environment remains quite dynamic and fast-changing. It might…

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