Congratulations to Meagan Keller, CMP, CEM of the Consortium for School Networking on becoming a #CEM gamechanger! Read why she chose to pursue the CEM designation and enhance her understanding of the needs for the industry. 

Hometown: Ellicott City, MD

University of Education: University of Maryland, College Park

How has the CEM designation helped in your career?

The CEM designation has helped me tremendously when working with vendors or proposing new ideas for the events I manage. My ideas and decisions are respected with the backing of the CEM designation. I have also managed to expand my network with the many amazing event professionals I have met along the way.

Why is it important to maintain the CEM designation?

Maintaining the CEM designation means staying current with trends and new innovations in our industry. It means always willing to grow and learn from others to better the events I manage.

What made you want to obtain your CEM designation?

I wanted to obtain the CEM designation to grow my knowledge of event management. I want to be enthralled in the event industry and trade show management because it is the greatest industry to be a part of. The people, the excitement, the vast range of show types it is all what makes this industry so great and the people in it even greater.

What advice would you give to an aspiring individual who wants to apply for the CEM program?

Do it! Never give up your chance to expand your knowledge and broaden your career options. You will learn so much from the CEM program and meet many amazing individuals along the way.

How did you start your career in this industry?

I began my career in the events industry by working at a Wedding and Event Planning Boutique in College where I ultimately discovered my interest to join the corporate/association side of event management.

How have you made a difference with your show or with working with a client by applying the knowledge you gained by obtaining your CEM designation?

The skills I added to my repertoire enhance my understanding for the needs of events I am directly involved with and how to work closer in partnership with my vendors.

What was it that you did or implemented right after obtaining your CEM?

Updated my LinkedIn profile! I am also working to improve aspects of my 2021 event with the knowledge I have learned throughout the CEM courses.

What did you like most about the CEM Learning Program?

I enjoyed interacting with the course faculty and the great staff at IAEE. I also enjoyed meeting other professionals in the industry and learning from their experience.

Fun fact about you – What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

I love to travel!

game changer

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