Read first-time #CEIRPredict attendee Robyn Davis of Exhibitors WINH LLC top takeaways from this year’s #CEIRPredict Conference.


By: Robyn Davis, Exhibitors WINH LLC

This year, I attended CEIR Predict for the first time. As someone who both deeply cares about our industry and is really into relevant data points, this event was a fantastic fit! Although there’s no way to know what will happen in the future with 100% certainty, getting a variety of (sometimes conflicting) expert opinions was a great excuse to imagine what might happen and how I’d handle each scenario.

One of the sessions that I enjoyed the most (“How to Think like a Futurist,” presented by John Gerzema) shared data collected by Harris Poll from April 2020 (and before, in some cases) to September 2020. Specifically, the final part of that session, on the “Future of Conferences,” gave me a number of relevant insights to consider… Whether you missed the live session or are always open to another perspective, here…

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