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2019 Art of the Show Competition Winners: Most Innovative Use of Technology

Congratulations to the 2019 #ArtoftheShow competition winners in the Most Innovative Use of Technology category: Vizient with collaboration from Ignition Event Group and CSG Creative for FPSA and the National Association of Broadcasters! Read how their use of technology succeeded in enhancing their shows.

Although the event landscape has changed significantly since these pieces were created, some things prove to be timeless. Specifically, the roles that creativity, innovation and a strategic approach to marketing play in driving results. IAEE’s Art of the Show Competition recognizes outstanding marketing activities directly related to successfully organizing and executing an exhibition and/or event. As such, it is the only marketing competition tailored specifically to our industry. Each year, event organizers submit the work they did to promote their show experience across 14 categories and an independent panel of marketing and graphic design experts selects the winners.

In today’s IAEE Art of the Show Competition Winners Circle, we highlight the winners of last year’s Most Innovative Use of Technology category, which is an open-ended and broad category. Entries are evaluated on how they used technology to promote, improve and enhance a show. Judging criteria includes: innovation of the technology component used and/or how it is applied; creativity in terms of how the component adds to the overall experience for show participants; and response from show participants to the component.

Under 75,000 nsf
Vizient with collaboration from Ignition Event Group
The Art of Care-Vizient Connections Business Summit

Vizient with collaboration from Ignition Event Group

The Vizient Connections Business Summit is an exclusive event held for Vizient members and suppliers to network and learn from each other, as they focus on supply chain optimization strategies, hospital operational efficiencies and clinical quality, and patient safety. Information is delivered through educational presentations, one-on-one sessions, social events and general sessions. The show attracts approximately 3,000 attendees consisting of Vizient leaders and staff, Vizient-contracted suppliers, and Vizient council and network members that includes executive leaders, physicians, nurses and pharmacists.

Vizient teamed with Ignition Event Group to create a large hallway that was flanked by two of the main ballrooms for the event. One ballroom was dedicated to general sessions, award receptions and meals while the other ballroom contained the Innovative Technology Exchange, an exhibition showcasing innovative new products in health care. This hallway was the single location that attendees would walk through multiple times daily, so the team wanted to create an installment that was dynamic, awe-inspiring and immersive for the attendees.

The event theme, “The Art of Care,” epitomized that in this day and age of shifting health care landscapes, it is more relevant and necessary than ever to bring to the drawing board a new way of looking at things in order to better understand the people around us, accelerate performance and make patient’s lives easier. The theme emphasized broadening attendees’ canvases with deep data insights by curating a palette of the most vibrant stories from members and suppliers helping patients, and coloring their world with vivid experiences.

To help bring these stories to life, the team created an art immersion hallway. It began with laser scanning of the entire surface area of the hallway from ceiling to floors over a full day. Twelve 30,000 lumen projectors were installed to immerse the walls and ceiling with approximately 45,000 pixels of customized content over 18,000 square feet of projected surface. A 25-foot wide screen at the end of the hallway showcased additional custom video content to complement the immersion hallway. Seven unique and dynamic galleries in the hallway rotated over the three-day event so the attendees would have the opportunity to experience several different looks each day. This created an exciting surprise each time the attendee came down for a meal or a session. The team also created custom looks in the hallway for each of its keynote speakers. One gallery featured the art of Alexa Meade, one of the keynote speakers, with a video showcasing how the artist created her works of art. The second custom gallery, for keynote speaker Terry Bradshaw, included an additional video highlight of great moments in his football career.

The goal to create an entirely immersive experience that would engage, surprise, resonate and inspire attendees was met with great success. Attendees showed visible excitement and anticipation to visit the area. The team found one of the most rewarding parts of creating this space to be the attendees’ faces as they approached the hallway and seeing their reactions upon first entering the hallway.

The hallway was a highlight of the event with outstanding posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and the social wall in Crowd Compass. It quickly became a hot spot for attendees and photo-ops. Several groups heard about the Immersion Hallway from different hotels in Las Vegas, and numerous tours to see the technology followed. It created a buzz and energy that was palpable and infectious, and sparked the opportunity to offer this activation as a potential sponsorship to suppliers for future events.

Between 75,001 and 200,000 nsf
CSG Creative for FPSA

CSG Creative for FPSA 2

Produced by Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA), PROCESS EXPO is dedicated to bringing the latest technology and integrated solutions to all segments of the food and beverage industry. The industry sectors served include beverage, bakery, dairy (cheese, yogurt, milk, and ice cream), meat, poultry, and seafood, prepared foods (fruits and vegetables), pet food, and confectionery.

At PROCESS EXPO, processors partner with 500 suppliers who demonstrate innovative food processing and packaging technology, machines, and products on the show floor. Both veterans and those new to food and beverage processing get training on food safety, trends, leadership and more. In addition, there are numerous networking events, an Innovations Showcase awards program, an Augmented Reality Showroom, and unique to PROCESS EXPO, five full working production line demonstrations. The exhibit hall in McCormick Place, Chicago is over 190,000 square feet and hosts 15,000 industry professionals.

FPSA teamed with CSG Creative to create an interactive floor tour combining animation and video, in order to explain the features of the on-site experience at PROCESS EXPO in a visual way. The goal of the tour was to not only persuade prospects to register, but also educate those who had already registered. Because PROCESS EXPO invests heavily in the on- site experience to increase value to all attendees and exhibitors, the tour helped participants better prepare for all of the opportunities they would discover on-site by arming them with information that allowed them to effectively schedule their trip as well as their time inside the exhibit hall.

Over 200,001 nsf
CSG Creative for National Association of Broadcasters
NAB Show

CSG Creative for National Association of Broadcasters

The NAB Show is produced by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) every April in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is the world’s largest and most comprehensive show encompassing the convergence of media, entertainment and technology. With nearly 100,000 attendees from 160+ countries and 1,700+ exhibitors, this is where technical, creative and business visionaries convene to advance the way content is created, managed, delivered and monetized on any platform around the globe. Core audiences include industry professionals from film, television, mobile, advertising, e-sports, radio, digital media, gaming, live events, audio, AR/VR, video, cable, sports, podcasting, app development and beyond.

The “My NAB Show Story” experience consisted of an interactive microsite that users accessed via email. The intuitive and easy-to-use interface allowed participants to take a photo or upload one from their existing camera roll, then search through the different illustrated icons to select those of interest and/or significance to them and their career. They could situate the icons however they liked and save the final product. They were then invited to share the image on their social channels. These images were saved on a backend server as well, and ran on TV screens in the lobby of the convention center at the show itself.

The campaign not only positioned the NAB Show as the powerhouse behind the entire storytelling business, but also elevated the individuals and their stories (whether personal or professional). The passion in this industry is palpable and the goal of the “My NAB Show Story” campaign was to give attendees a way to showcase that passion by letting them insert themselves into the campaign itself via a digital experience. The intent of the campaign also included generating excitement for the show, while creating a lasting connection between the brand and its attendees/participants well beyond the show itself.

“My NAB Show Story” was met with great enthusiasm and engagement. With hundreds of submissions, it was clear that this campaign was a success and people enjoyed connecting themselves with the brand. At the show, attendees gathered in the lobby area to watch the screens and wait for their image. It also garnered significant activity across social media using the official hashtag #NABShow.

The 2020 IAEE Art of the Show Competition is now open! Take advantage of discounted entry fees by submitting your entries before the early bird deadline on 15 September. You can also check out all the winners from the 2019 competition here.

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