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Industry Memberships are Job Search Lifelines

Read why joining an industry membership can present new personal and professional development opportunities from Dawn Rasmussen, CMP of Pathfinder Writing and Career Services.

Industry memberships are a critical tool in every job seeker’s job search tool kit.

industry membershipHowever, they are usually the first thing a job seeker drops due to the cost.

What they don’t know is that by NOT renewing those memberships, it actually costs more in the long run, mainly time lost by not connecting to the right people and opportunities.

Industry memberships are critical networking hubs.

People hire who they know, and by keeping your membership, you are retaining an important referral pipeline.

Those memberships represent a circle of like-minded professionals, and you need to keep yourself in that universe.

Industry memberships demonstrate to potential employers that you have industry connectedness.

Those memberships help you seem relevant to potential employers.

Some of the thought leadership going on in those organizations is bound to rub off on you, and employers LOVE this!

It also means you understand what it means to be a mover and a shaker in your chosen career field or industry.

Industry memberships demonstrate that you take your career seriously.

Including current professional memberships on your resume communicates something else to employers as well.

It means that you are a dedicated professional who wants to learn and grow from others, and this is a powerful asset for your job search.

Think of it from an employer’s viewpoint: Would you rather hire someone who is connected to their industry by showing active memberships and involvement, or someone who doesn’t have any of that?

It’s a no-brainer.

Industry memberships open new doors.

You never know what types of opportunities could land in your lap as a result of an industry membership.

It could be a new client.

Partnership opportunity.

Job referral.

There is a strategic advantage to sharing a common connection… and you just never know what amazing things can happen as a result.

So, before you ditch your industry membership, consider the value it delivers. It’s not a cost… it’s an investment into buying access to people and opportunities that you cannot imagine.

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