Promote collaboration between show management and exhibitors. Marlys Arnold (@ImageSpecialist) shares a way to bridge the communication between exhibitors and organizers.


By Marlys Arnold, Exhibit Marketing Strategist; Speaker, Author, Consultant; Trade Show Insights Blog/Podcast Host

Too often trade shows become an “us vs. them” conflict between show managers and exhibitors. But the truth is that each would not succeed without the other and with a bit of collaboration, both parties can experience much greater success.

So why is there so much finger pointing? Often it comes down to a lack of communication. Exhibitors may complain that they don’t feel appreciated by show management, or perhaps never even hear from them after the contract has been signed.

Show managers on the other hand commonly feel frustrated because exhibitors don’t pay attention to details regarding the show and then blame show management for added costs or other consequences.

And some of the stress stems from one side feeling like the other is stuck in outdated practices that inhibit the effectiveness of the show.

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