Are you struggling to disconnect from work when you reach home? Do you feel like you’re attached to your work email on your phone? Take care of yourself and achieve work-life balance with these 6 tips from Jeff Davidson. Special section brought to you by Meeting Professionals International.


By Jeff Davidson

“The Work-Life Balance Expert” I am a thought leader on work-life balance issues. I have written 59 mainstream books, am an authority on time management and a professional speaker, having made more than 800 presentations to such clients as Kaiser Permanente, IBM, Novo Nordisk, American Express, Lufthansa, Swissotel, Experient, Re/Max, USAA and the World Bank.

I am the author of “Breathing Space,” and “Simpler Living.” My books the “60-Second Organizer,” “60-Second Self-Starter” and “60-Second Innovator” are popular in China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Spain, France and Brazil.


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1.  Self-management

Self-management can be challenging, especially when it means getting proper sleep, exercise and nutrition. Self-management means recognizing that your resources, time and life are finite. It means becoming captain of your own ship.  No one is coming to steer for you. Here are some hard truths…

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