It’s time to fine-tune your learning programs! Read Michael Doane’s piece on how the American Urological Association improved their learning session by tracking their attendees’ learning retention.


Michael Doane is marketing manager at CadmiumCD, makers of the myCadmium software platform, an award-winning suite of conference and trade show management products. Visit the CadmiumCD blog for more articles like this.

Melissa Goodman, American Urological Association (AUA) Programs Manager, and her team member, Erin Nichols, wanted a better way to track learner retention at their Annual Meeting. They wanted to set up benchmarks that determine learner knowledge before, during, and after each session.

Why track learner knowledge, retention, and outcomes?

Before we get to the details, let’s first tackle why Goodman and Nichols wanted to track learner knowledge and retention.

  1. Needs Assessment

The first reason they want to track learner outcomes is to identify gaps in knowledge and retention.  This allows AUA to fine-tune the learner experience as they go along and deliver content to attendees that they want and need. It takes the guesswork out of conference programming and allows…

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