Trade show marketing continues to evolve, with greater use of technology and interactivity. Samuel J. Smith of SoicalPoint shares insights on a recent survey based on exhibit houses’ perspective, preferences and role in trade show marketing.


By Samuel J. Smith, Managing Director of Interactive Meeting Technology, LLC

Over the past few years, our company has increasingly partnered with leading Exhibit Houses to create interactive trade show game activations for their exhibiting clients. We have been impressed by the commitment, care, and expertise they bring to their clients’ trade show marketing.

To better understand Exhibit Houses’ roles, perspectives, and preferences in their clients’ trade show technology and marketing campaigns, we surveyed them in late Fall 2018.  Survey respondents were all either Exhibit House Account Executives or senior management, all with client-facing responsibilities. They provided honest, educated, and sometimes surprising insights into their clients’ trade show programs. This is the first of potentially multiple blog posts based on the survey.

Exhibit House Trade Show Marketing & Technology Survey: Executive Summary

Some of the most interesting insights from this survey include:

  • Exhibitors value sales results more than marketing results
  • Exhibitors value…

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