Earning the CEM designation is a game changer! IAEE interviewed graduate LaShanna Mackey, CMP, CEM, Meetings Manager for the American Association for Cancer Research.

Read her journey on earning the CEM designation and why she became CEM game changer!

How has the CEM designation helped in your career?

With the knowledge I have gained from completing this program, I believe I will be able to create a better experience for our attendees. The credibility I have gained with this designation will also help tremendously. People see those 3 letters after your name and automatically know that you are serious and passionate about what you do.

Education First_Designation Second

Why is it important to maintain the CEM designation?

This industry is constantly changing so maintaining a designation like the CEM will guarantee that I am up to date on all the latest trends.

What made you want to obtain your CEM designation?

A few years ago, I started a new position as an Exhibits Associate and became a part of a two-person team that manages a show with over 500 exhibitors. I was anxious to learn everything there was about exhibits and managing a show that large. My supervisor at the time (who is also a CEM), encouraged me to look in to the program and I am really glad I did.


What advice would you give to an aspiring individual who wants to apply for the CEM program?

Go for it! I took the online classes because it just made sense with my crazy work/travel schedule. Some of the instructors include optional reading material and links to relevant articles…READ THEM! You won’t be tested on that information but, it will help you to get a better understanding of that particular topic.

How did you start your career in this industry?

I come from an IT background so like many others, I sort of fell into this industry. My first job, I worked in the IT department at a nonprofit organization but, was soon asked to assist on meeting planning projects and got “the bug”…that was about 9 years ago.

What did you like most about the CEM Learning Program?

I really enjoyed the interaction with the other students. Not only did I learn a lot from the instructors but, I also learned a great deal from my classmates.

game changer

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