by Silvia Pellegrini

The most difficult things to sell ALWAYS end up being products and services people actually  need–the kinds of products and services they feel are almost forced upon them.

When we have to make a logical purchase, like car insurance to protect ourselves and our financial future, for example, we aren’t at all excited about having to do so–even when we know, deep down on a logical level, that it’s the smartest thing for us to do.

There’s just no real appeal in logic, and that’s why the world’s most successful marketing campaigns appeal to our emotions, as opposed to laying out a clear-cut and concise view of why we “need” to buy whatever it is we’re peddling.

Emotions ALWAYS trump logic

When you get right down to it, human beings are tremendously emotional creatures, and the emotional part of our brains–our “lizard brain”–is much older and much more…

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Posted by Jannat Choudhury

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