Originally published in Trade Show Executive, June 2016 Edition

The exhibitions and events industry is fortunate to have incredibly talented professionals. I have said this many times and will continue to repeat it because I am extremely proud of the dedication and commitment that I see from colleagues all across the globe to promoting and lifting our industry. There is a very clear understanding among us that we cannot be successful without each other’s support. And while I consider this industry to be one of the most collaborative business environments that exists, I believe it is important to recognize the people who truly go above and beyond the call of duty, and who stand out in this very hardworking group of individuals.

Industry recognition is an integral part of our growth and continued development. By acknowledging the outstanding accomplishments of our fellow colleagues, we elevate the standard by which we do business in general. Industry recognition provides a constant self-reflection and self-evaluation process that keeps us on our toes, and in perpetual forward motion. The majority benefits from those particularly driven individuals who push for the innovative approaches, who break through barriers and pave the path for the rest of us, who pass the torch of their knowledge through mentorship, and who share their gift through volunteerism. This is no easy undertaking, which is why it behooves us to applaud their extraordinary efforts.

Ever thought about becoming a mentor or mentee? Sign up for IAEE’s Mentor Match Program

IAEE has been a strong proponent of industry recognition for nearly four decades. Its awards program celebrates the accomplishments of industry members at various stages of their career and across many platforms of achievement.  For example, our longest-standing award – the Pinnacle Award – recognizes an entire individual career’s body of work typically spanning decades. This award praises those who have dedicated a lifetime to the industry, its recipients having made an indelible mark that often serves as the foundation upon which we continue to grow the industry.

Considerable thought is put into keeping the award categories relevant and timely, and new categories are periodically added. A few years ago, we added the International Excellence Award to address the global presence and initiatives that we are integrating into all that we do. We also added the Woman of Achievement Award as part of our commitment to recognizing the very important role the women of our industry play as well as their remarkable contributions. And, of course, all industries are aware of the impact that the millennials are having on the business world. The Young Professional of the Year Award embraces the refreshing energy the younger generation is infusing into exhibitions and events. We have watched past recipients of this award continue to impress with their contributions – it’s exciting to know the future of our industry is in such capable hands!

IAEE is devoted to making sure we give credit where credit is due because solidarity is one of our industry’s strongest attributes. This is a business where strong relationships are forged and colleagues become true friends. As someone who is approaching his fourth decade in this industry, I am eternally grateful for the fact that many of my closest friends started off as associates.

We are nearing the halfway mark for 2016, and I am positive you have sent your fair share of emails to the effect of “thank you for all you do” and “what would I do without you?” – I know I certainly have. I invite you to take it a step further and translate your gratitude into a nomination for the IAEE individual awards program – it’s easy! Visit www.iaee.com/awards and make your contribution to this year’s industry recognition.

David DuBois, CMP, CAE, FASAE, CTA
President & CEO


Posted by Elizabeth McQuade

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