By Bill McGlade, CEM, Director of Account Management, a2z, Inc.

Oh, and this one time, at Expo! Expo!…

It’s that time of year. The leaves are falling, holiday decorations are out, snow is in the forecast… and the industry is abuzz about the upcoming IAEE’s Expo! Expo!. I love this time of year and I love the anticipation leading up to Expo! Expo!.

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By far, Expo! Expo! is my favorite exhibitions industry show of the year. No other show will bring all of your close friends, friends of friends, and other networking acquaintances all together in one central location. To me, it’s always a vibrant and exciting show that brings key components of education and fun together. Everyone has heard about work-life balance. In this industry, it is sometimes hard to strike that balance and I think at Expo! Expo! it is one of those times that we can all come together to see what work-life/fun is all about. In the end, we are one big happy family trying to further the business of our companies and the industry as a whole.

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Why you ask is Expo! Expo! so important to me? That’s an easy question to answer. I have been to Expo! Expo! as a planner and as a supplier. On both sides the show has provided me with education, networking and business ROI. As a planner not only was I excited to gather all of the free giveaways and chances to win awesome prizes from all of the suppliers, but I was rewarded with compelling education from top notch speakers from around the industry. As a supplier, there is no other show that brings together our clients and prospects. It’s a great way for us to meet with clients that we might not have had a chance to visit within the past few months and a great way to show off our solutions to prospects. In fact, we wait to launch our new products at Expo! Expo! because it creates that much of a splash for us.

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What’s important to me and how do I determine a successful show? If you can walk away from any show and have at least one nugget of information or bright idea that you can use within your organization, than that is a successful show. For me, Expo! Expo! provides at least 5 to 6 nuggets. Now you can see why Expo! Expo! is so important to me and why I can’t wait for this year in Baltimore.

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Lastly, we all have great friends in this industry that sprawl across the country. Sometimes you don’t get to see them all that often. You send them texts checking if they will be at this event or that location at this time and yet…most of the time it doesn’t seem to line up. Then comes Expo! Expo!. You don’t have to text them because you know they will be at this show because it is THE show to be at every year. This helps build the excitement knowing that you are going to see great friends at a great location for a great time.

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I can go on and on about Expo! Expo! and why it’s so important to me and what value it provides to everyone, but why explain that here in writing. Connect with me and meet me at Expo!Expo! and we can talk about all the great things you can do during the show and reminisce afterwards about the nuggets you learned and great time we all had. I look forward to seeing you all in Baltimore!


Posted by Elizabeth McQuade

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