By Amanda Padron, CTA, Operations Coordinator, The Collective Group

Expo! Expo! is a valuable experience

While each year at Expo! Expo! is different, it never lacks in valuable learning and networking experiences. One of the key reasons I attendee Expo! Expo! is for the education sessions. They continually combine knowledge of industry tools and trends I need to know to be successful with innovative ideas to help me prepare for the future. Surrounded by peers and other like-minded professionals there is no shortage of lively and engaging conversations that lead to genuine connections.

It was with the support and encouragement of the leadership in my local chapter that I was able to attend my first Expo! Expo!. I landed my first legitimate industry job via a chance encounter with the right person during an Expo! Expo! networking reception. It truly was a career launching experience! Fast forward a few years later and I’ve been fully embraced by my local chapter and the YP community. Both have provided me with invaluable insight as well as professional and personal development through learning and leadership opportunities.


IAEE Young Professionals are a growing community 

Since the onset of IAEE’s commitment to the success of young professionals, there has been a surge of support and encouragement for young IAEE members to form a community at the national and chapter level. As a member of this community, I believe there are three important ways IAEE and the Young Professionals Committee (YPC) provide platforms for young professionals to benefit from their involvement:

  1. Opportunities to experience what it means to be on the cutting edge from the brightest professionals currently connected in the industry.
  2. Ability to collaborate with experienced veterans and take on vital volunteer and leadership roles in the YP community to fully leverage their network.
  3. Develop and define the role they want to take in the future of the exhibition and event industry by breaking down stereotypes that plague our generation, such as millennial entitlement and job hopping.

Looking Forward

This year at Expo!Expo! 2015 in Baltimore, I am especially looking forward to the Campfire sessions on the expo floor and reconnecting with the young professional community. I continue to be excited about the future of my career within the exhibitions and events industry and my future involvement in IAEE.

YOU MAY ALSO BE INTERESTED IN: Expo! Expo! 20 Under 30

Have you considered applying for Expo! Expo! 20 Under 30? The program is for young-professional exhibition organizer members who may not be supported by their companies to attend Expo! Expo! Selected applicants will receive one full, complimentary registration to Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Baltimore, MD 1-3 December 2015, and lodging for three nights (over $1300.00 value). Honorees will be recognized throughout the annual meeting and formally at IAEE’s Expo! Expo! General Session on Thursday, 3 December 2015. Hurry applications are due 08 October! For more information visit:




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