By, Eric Udler, Producer, All Show Services

Every December I look forward to Expo! Expo! No other event in the trade show industry offers the depth and breadth of networking and education.


Since the early 1990s, I have been attending IAEE’s Annual Meeting and Exhibition. There have been numerous show producers I have met over the years that I look forward to seeing each time I attend. Several have become close personal friends and a handful of others have become mentors. When I have challenges and/or need to bounce ideas off folks who have “been there and done that,” I use my IAEE network.

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The first nine years of my career were spent working for two of the largest shows of the industry – National Association of Broadcasters and Consumer Electronics Show. I am forever grateful that both organizations supported me and my efforts to further my trade show education.

Expo! Expo! 70+ learning opportunities over three days both ON and OFF the show floor!

Early in 1999, I ventured off on my own to start my own shows in the public events world. Trade shows and public shows have several similarities. In most cases, both bring buyers and sellers together. One of the great benefits that IAEE provides is tailored programming for my niche. This year alone IAEE will have “public events day” on December 1st with special sessions and networking just for me and organizers like me! How great is that? It’s one of the things I love about IAEE, they take the time to identify special needs within their membership and cater to that market.

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I love attending Expo! Expo! and seeing old friends and meeting new ones. One of my favorite activities is attending the trade show. With so many different product categories represented on the show floor, I enjoy spending my time seeing hundreds of companies that service our industry. Not all of them are applicable to me right here and right now, but the knowledge gained on the floor allows me to see what’s on the horizon – especially from a productivity and technology standpoint.

Ultimately it only takes one or two new ideas to justify the investment of time and money. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Baltimore this December!


Posted by Elizabeth McQuade

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