Submissions to IAEE’s Art of the Show Competition are due 30 September! Don’t wait, enter today!

IAEE’s Art of the Show Competition celebrates outstanding promotion of exhibitions and events in 15 categories, including Show Daily, Show Photography and Show Promotion –Website. These elements comprise a well-rounded marketing plan, but what makes them so effective? IAEE asked its competition judges this question and offers these pointers:

Show Photography
Any single photograph taken in color or black and white at an exhibition. Judges take into consideration creativity, quality of photo and ability of photo to deliver a message.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Gotcha! First and foremost, the image must capture the viewer’s attention immediately. Regardless of what it is about the photo that makes the viewer want to stop and look, a riveting image needs no introduction.
  • Tell a story. An outstanding show photo will illustrate the feel and energy of the event, giving the viewer a taste of the exhibition.
  • Elicit an emotional response. A powerful image will stir up emotion and/or allow the viewer to interpret and relate to it in his or her own way. Again, it transmits energy through the visual receptors.

2014 Show Photography Winners

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Show Promotion – Website
Any website used to market an exhibition. Judges take into consideration overall presentation, ease of navigation, value of information presented and user friendliness.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Make it appealing. The exhibition website is the gateway to securing attendees and exhibitors, so it needs to look attractive, organized and useful from beginning to end. Clean fonts and high quality imagery add polish.
  • Make it easy to navigate. The user should be able to find information quickly and easily, not just via the arrangement of the content but also with a fully functional site. Broken links and buttons frustrate users, as do bread crumbs that lead to rabbit holes…
  • Pay attention to content. Now that you’ve addressed the “look” of the site, don’t forget to be equally diligent about the content. Proofread content for typos and fact check so that your site exudes professionalism on all levels.

2014 Show Promotion – Website Winners

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Do you have great marketing collateral the world should see? Show off your Art of the Show by entering IAEE’s Art of the Show Competition! Click here to get started. See last year’s winners here.

Stay tuned for Insider Tip #7: Signage/Decoration and Sponsorship Development Program

 Oh no, I missed Tips #1-5! No worries, click here.

Posted by Elizabeth McQuade

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  1. When it comes to photography and art, I’m pretty clueless. I’m a musician, so that’s the kind of art that makes sense to me. The first three bullets on here make sense, and the same principles apply to music. It has to catch you, tell a story, and elicit emotional responses. I guess photography and art isn’t that different from music!



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