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Millennial Question: Why Does Gen X Love Email?

June 23, 2015 By Lindsey Pollak, Millennial Workplace Expert “You’ve got mail!” Ah, the days when the ding of a new message was exciting rather than annoying. With all the apps and productivity tools designed […]

Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders: My Talk at NACE 2015

June 16, 2015 By Lindsey Pollak, Millennial Workplace Expert Last week I had the amazing experience of serving as a keynote speaker at the annual National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) conference in Anaheim, […]

Motivate Millennial Employees by Making Work Meaningful

June 19, 2015 By Lindsey Pollak, Millennial Workplace Expert Employers often complain that “millennials aren’t motivated.” While millennial employees may be motivated by different things than their Gen X and baby boomer colleagues, getting them […]

My Biggest Work Fail: A Lesson for Millennials and Their Managers

May 21, 2015 By Lindsey Pollak, Millennial Workplace Expert My first job out of college was in the business development group of WorkingWoman.com at the height of dot-com mania. Early on, I was tasked with […]

Managing Millennials Really Is Different

May 8, 2015 By Lindsey Pollak, Millennial Workplace Expert, http://www.lindseypollak.com/blog Are millennials really that different from other generations when they were first starting out? This is one of the most common questions I’m asked and […]

What You Need to Know About Hiring Millennials

April 10, 2015 By Lindsey Pollak , Millennial Workplace Expert http://www.lindseypollak.com/blog   By 2025, 75 percent of the U.S. workforce will be millennials. If you’re recruiting millennial employees, you might need to develop a hiring strategy […]

A Focus on Young Professionals

Originally published in Trade Show Executive, Feb 2014 Issue As we start 2014 and shift our focus with a new strategic plan, we are excited by the emphasis that the IAEE board of directors is […]