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Getting Unhooked from Our Smartphones

Posted on July 27, 2017 by: Ryan Estis How many times will you stop reading this blog post to check e-mail, text messages or social media? The heaviest smartphone users click, tap or swipe on […]

Recent Facebook Changes Mean More Opportunities for Event Marketers

Originally posted on CEIR Blog:
by Elizabeth Johnson Facebook now has 2 billion users, which means it’s a pretty powerful tool for event marketers. In recent weeks Facebook has been busy making changes to a…

Social Media at Work: Do the Pros Outweigh the Cons?

Originally published by Lindsey Pollak 21 October. Truth: Social media at work is an integral part of many of your employees’ days. According to a Pew research report, employees are using social media at work […]

The Value of Virtual Communities in a Face-to-Face Industry

Originally published in Trade Show Executive, Apr 2014 Issue There is no doubt in the minds of any of us in this industry that coming together face-to-face to start new business relationships and affirm existing […]

Turning Point – Trade Show Executive

Originally published in Trade Show Executive, Jan 2014 Issue Show organizers and exhibitors spend an extensive amount of time attracting attendees who have previously attended an event or are likely to do so, time and […]