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What You Need to Know About the New Ways of Marketing Your Events

How has event marketing changed due to COVID-19? Read the write-up on the previously held #IAEE webinar, “Event Marketing, Then and Now: 10 Ways COVID-19 Has Changed the Future of Attendee Acquisition.”

IAEE Award Winner Spotlight on Paul Treanor

Congratulations to #IAEEAwards winner recipient, Paul Treanor on earning the 2021 IAEE Chapter Merit Award!

Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

Answer why you left your last job by being forthright with potential employers.

The Omnicompetent Leader

IAEE President and CEO David Dubois talks about CEIR’s Omnichannel Marketing Insights research, and the benefits it has to becoming a more effective leader.

Use COVID’s Seasonal Patterns to Plan Ahead

Epistemix forecasts COVID-19 seasonal patterns in helping to minimize the risk of the pandemic when planning your next event or operations.

Mind Meld with Your Exhibitors

How do you “mind meld” with your exhibitors? Read the write-up on the previously held #IAEE webinar, “How to Build a Better Exhibitor Communications Plan.”

Settling for Mediocracy

Safeguard against mediocracy by being aware of your performance

IAEE Award Winner Spotlight on Moriah Hathaway, CEM

Congratulations to #IAEEAwards winner recipient, Moriah Hathaway, CEM on earning the 2021 IAEE Young Professional of the Year Award!

How Cybersecure Are You?

How cybersecure are you? Read the write-up on a previously held #CEIR webinar, “Emergent Cybersecurity Update: Trends, Threats and Solutions.”

How to boost employees’ emotional intelligence at work

4imprint shares tips on how to boost emotional intelligence at work.