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Events are a Means to an End

CEIR Blog by David Nour I spend a lot of time at industry events. In addition to speaking over fifty times a year, I often attend events to spend time with my clients or to […]

Events: We Love You. You’re Perfect. Now Change!

CEIR Blog by Carl Landau Post-event, if you did your job, everyone is high on love: Loved the program! The speakers rocked! You did great! It’s a Kudos Fest. But, let’s admit, it, not every single attendee […]

The Importance of a Personal Touch

CEIR Blog by Jessica Finnerty In this day and age, most everything in our lives is “experience driven.” We live in a world where everything is tailored and personalized to appeal to our specific interests. […]

Should an Event Owner Always be Ready for a Sale?

CEIR Blog by Toni Corvi Piela Should an event owner “always be ready for a sale?” If so, what does that entail? When the Reed Exhibitions’ corporate development team engages with event organizers about a […]

5 Steps to Take NOW to Make 2017 and Beyond a Success

CEIR Blog by David Saef With summer in full swing, state fairs and music festivals in full force, and many of us heading to the beach, the woods, or the mountains with a good book […]

Death of the Trade Show Channel? Don’t Count on It….

CEIR Blog by Nancy Drapeau, PRC, Senior Research Director, CEIR Ok, I’m putting my stake in the ground, I’m saying it: face-to-face marketing is alive and well. CEIR research does not find cracks in the […]

Movie Theaters as B2B Event Venues: The Next Big Thing?

CEIR Blog by Trisha Richards Meetings are to exhibitions as cheeses are to wines: complementary stimuli that enhance the participant experience. With countless exhibitions incorporating education and entertainment as part of the proceedings, exhibition organizers must also consider meeting venues as auxiliary spaces in […]

Recent Facebook Changes Mean More Opportunities for Event Marketers

CEIR Blog by Elizabeth Johnson Facebook now has 2 billion users, which means it’s a pretty powerful tool for event marketers. In recent weeks Facebook has been busy making changes to a number of areas […]

Is the Events Industry Disruption-Resistant?

CEIR Blog by Michael Hart The shopping center industry is the latest disrupted business model that events can learn from. According to a research report from Credit Suisse, 25 percent of today’s malls will close […]

Autonomous Vehicles @ Events

CEIR Blog by Scott Schenker The relationship we have with our cars is the stuff of legend. In fact, Sir William Lyons, one of the founders of Jaguar Cars, said, “The car is the closest thing […]