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CEIR Sneak Peek Luncheon – A Smorgasbord of Insights on Trends Influencing Marketing and Impact on B2B Exhibitions

CEIR Blog By Nancy Drapeau, PRC, Senior Research Director, CEIR Executives who attended the CEIR Sneak Peak Luncheon held at Expo! Expo! in San Antonio in November 2017 were given a lot to munch on, […]

The War Between Brick and Mortar and eCommerce Retailers – Your Resource for Ideas on How to Enhance the Attendee Trade Show Experience

CEIR Blog by Nancy Drapeau, PRC, Senior Research Director, CEIR Retail Evolution For organizers and exhibitors struggling to figure out how to integrate digital in a way that helps enhance the attendee experience and drive […]

The Great Reinvention

CEIR Blog By Cathy Breden, CAE, CMP There has been so much talk over the last couple of years about how technology and consumer behavior is changing the trade show model. In this age of […]

CEIR Rewind: A Look at 2017

CEIR Blog After a year of a tumultuous U.S. administration and erratic policies, the exhibitions industry continues to grow and prove that face-to-face interactions are important in the business model. The Center for Exhibition Industry […]

As You Plan Your Event, Don’t Forget the Forest

CEIR Blog byRossi Ralenkotter Event planners have countless things to plan and execute to produce a successful show. Venues, hotels, exhibitors, attendees are all part of the equation that need to be solved, and these […]

Stop the Madness! Quit Packing Your Event’s Agenda with Panels!

CEIR Blog by Carl Landau Why, oh why? Sometimes I actually get out of the office and attend other events to see what’s out there, what’s new, what I might try to implement. And then all […]

My Favorite Marketing Definitions

CEIR Blog by Gary Slack Almost all of us collect things—often offbeat things. I know a man who collects Toby jugs, another who collects old-time lunch boxes and a husband-wife couple whose stately home is […]

Exhibition Trolls

CEIR Blog by Jim Curry I am a troll. I troll loads of different people and companies about a whole load of different things. In the past few months, I have trolled a cyclist and a […]

Event Tech: How to Make the Right Choices

CEIR Blog by Denise Capello Every modern event has an online segment which offers a huge potential reach in its own right. But how can you achieve a perfect synergy between the physical event and the […]

Tomorrow and the Future

CEIR Blog Excerpted with permission from Francis Friedman’s The Modern Digital Tradeshow. The new book is available here free.  Looking to the future, marketers have already started spending significant amounts of money implementing increasingly more sophisticated systems. […]