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The Twists and Turns of Creating New Revenue through Digital Sponsorships

Digital expert Aidan Augustin steps through the ways in which the dance between organizers and suppliers can be leveraged throughout the full show cycle to increase revenue and elevate ROI through digital sponsorships.

The Vital Role of Sustainability: How Venues are Working to Build a Greener Industry

Following this week’s release of the UN’s Climate Change Report, IAEE YP Committee Member Alexandra Serrano explores the bold actions being taken by Exhibition Place to meet sustainability goals.

The March of Advancing Technologies

CEIR CEO Cathy Breden explores the opportunities and risks involved with applying burgeoning AI technology to exhibitions.

Stories from the Expo! Expo! Show Floor: Captello

Brad Froese shares how demonstrating Captello’s attendee engagement capabilites at Expo! Expo! enhanced its industry partnerships and increased its ROI.

CEM Spotlight on Komal Sanghvi, CEM

Komal Sanghvi, CEM shares how earning her CEM designation has enhanced her contributions to the exhibitions and events industry.

IAEE Spotlight on 2022 IAEE Woman of Achievement Award Winner Lenay Gore

Lenay Gore may be “mostly retired,” but she remains “all in” when it comes to her passion for the industry and maintaining the relationships she has forged over the past 30+ years. Learn how this IAEE Woman of Achievement continues to impact the exhibitions and events industry!

Six Steps to a Quality Sales Call

Troy Harrison shares 6 tips to make each and every sales call count.

CEIR Explores Attendee Acquisition Trends Driving Growth

CEIR reveals its latest findings on where attendee marketers are most successful in meeting or exceeding shows’ pre-pandemic performance levels.

Act Now on Inclusive Leadership

IAEE President and CEO David DuBois emphasizes the importance of incorporating inclusive leadership into executive strategic plans.

Stories from the Expo! Expo! Show Floor: 42Chat

42Chat’s Collin Tokosch shares how partnering with IAEE and exhibiting at Expo! Expo! led to adding four new team members to keep up with the demand for its products and services.

A Tribute to Skip Farber

Former CEIR President Douglas Ducate remembers industry veteran Skip Farber and his indelible contributions to CEIR.

Color Matters

IAEE DE&I Committee Member and Past IAEE Chairperson Carrie Ferenac offers an eye-opening reflection on the trouble with being “colorblind” and why it’s okay to talk about it.

What’s Not to Love About These IAEE Member Benefits

Oh, how we love our members! So much so that one day is not enough – make sure you are taking full advantage of these member benefits throughout the year.

CEM Spotlight on Cindy Sharkey, CEM

Cindy Sharkey, CEM shares why she added the CEM designation to her list of accomplishments.

Why I Don’t Want to Talk About Quiet Quitting

Workplace expert Lindsey Pollak challenges the misnomers behind the term, “quiet quitting,” noting its negative implications may not actually be such a bad thing.

AMCP pivots to virtual event in three weeks with 16x return on ad spend

In this Feathr feature, learn how the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy worked with Feathr to generate revenue and significantly impact ROI in the wake of unprecedented challenge.

Happy New (and Improved) Year!

IAEE President and CEO David DuBois discusses the importance of attracting the next generation of the exhibitions and events workforce by helping them understand the career potential the industry holds.

9 Ways to Love Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Women’s Leadership Forum Speaker Deborah Gardner, CMP shares how you can make the most of this year’s celebration by giving some well-deserved love to your most important connection.

IAEE Spotlight on 2022 IAEE Young Professional of the Year Award Winner Elizabeth George

Life is a beach for Elizabeth George, and she’s making waves throughout the industry with her outstanding work!

Ghosting at Work: Why it’s Terribly Destructive and What to Say Instead

Women’s Leadership Forum Speaker Karin Hurt tells you why professional ghosting doesn’t work, how to avoid it and what to do when you’ve been ghosted.