Month: May 2023

IAEE Spotlight on 2022 IAEE Outstanding Marketing & Sales Award Winner Lisa Lazzaretto

Lisa Lazzaretto will not be deterred when it comes to helping her exhibitors and sponsors get the most bang for their buck. Her attention to detail and openness to new ideas resulted in record-breaking performance at a time when the majority of the industry was struggling. Read on to see how she does it!

CEM Spotlight on Justin Swartling, CEM

Justin Swartling, CEM shares how earning his CEM designation has enhanced his contributions to the exhibitions and events industry.

The Future of Attendee Acquisition Marketing is Here

The final report in CEIR’s Attendee Acquisition Trends Driving Growth series examines the areas in which B2B event marketers are seeing results in their efforts to increase attendees to their events happening now as well as in the near future.

Non-Threatening By Design

Innovative speaker, coach and consultant Melissa Majors will facilitate the IAEE Leadership Institute this July. Here, she shares how she conquers the natural defensive responses DEI education can trigger in order to empower participants to lead today’s evolving business environment.

DE&I Spotlight on Sonia Fong, MBA

IAEE DE&I Committee Member Sonia Fong shares how Louisville Tourism supports DE&I initiatives and her thoughts on simple ways you can help advance progress throughout the industry.

IAEE Spotlight on 2022 IAEE Chapter Merit Award Winner Stephenie Hawkins, CEM

Stephenie Hawkins is all about keeping life interesting! When she isn’t helping IAEE’s Southwest Chapter create fantastic outreach programs, she is storyboarding her next big idea or planning a new global adventure.

Unity through Advocacy

IAEE President and CEO David DuBois urges you to unite in the call to U.S. lawmakers to support beneficial policies that will help our industry advance.

We Want YOU! And You Want YOU Too. Here’s Why.

Legislative Action Day is right around the corner and your presence is needed! IAEE talks with ECA’s Tommy Goodwin about this year’s asks of U.S. Congress to help the industry in its recovery and set the stage for future growth, as well as why it’s up to YOU to make it happen.

READY, SET, GROW! Top 5 IAEE Career Development Opportunities in May

Spring has sprung at IAEE with an abundance of professional growth perfectly ripe for picking! Here’s a list of the webinars happening this month that will get your career flourishing and on track to sizzling by Summer.