By Michael Weiss, Co-Founder, Ai4

Our industry connects people. We connect people to learn from each other, to buy and sell from each other, and to have fun with like-minded peers.

COVID has highlighted how many different ways this value of connection can be offered.

There are two spectrums we think about: 1) From fully in-person with no digital components, to fully virtual with no physical components 2) From highly curated connections like a 1-1 meeting or a 10 person roundtable to mass marketed multi-thousand person events.

As an event organizer, deciding which variables to toggle up and down isn’t so obvious. I’ll share a few ways we make sense of these options.

Virtual, In-Person, Both, or Hybrid?

As you might expect, there is no one-size-fits all answer. It’s unlikely you’ll arrive at a “this is our format strategy for all of our events” conclusion. At my company, our main…

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