Originally published by Erin Zwick, Director of Health & Disease Modeling at Epistemix.

Like a weather forecast that tells you when to grab an umbrella on your way out the door, our COVID-19 forecasts help you figure out what epidemic mitigation measures make sense in the future. Forecasts are never perfect, but they increase the odds that you will make the right call.

Our Q2 2022 Forecast presents six-month projections of the COVID-19 pandemic across 19 U.S. cities. These cities include major population centers and important travel hubs, offering a representative snapshot of the entire U.S. epidemic. We calculate the forecast for each city using historical data, including previous cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, as well as the number of partially vaccinated, fully vaccinated, and boosted individuals. The timing of these historical infections and vaccinations are important because they determine the level of immunity in each individual and the susceptibility…

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